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Mind-full or Mindful

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Tanya Kahanoff


January 3, 2019

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Mind full -- or mindful?  With increasing demands in the workplace, at home, and with family it becomes more challenging by the day to stay in the present moment.  Finding our own “centre” can be difficult.  The more we stray from that place our internal resource system easily goes on overload.  The resultcan be ---  anxiety, depression, headaches, health concerns related to the distress our body is incorporating.

Mindfulness, introduced into psychology by Jon Kabat-Zinn, is a way of being, a way of re-training out minds by becoming more aware, more attentive of what truly matters.  Mindfulness is an awakening to the present moment by decreasing our attachment to a past that is over and a future that has not yet arrived.  Simply defined, mindfulness is:

           doing one thing
           in the present moment
           with intention
           and, without judgment

The words are deceptively simple; the practice challenging and the outcomes clearly researched.  Perhaps currently the most researched treatment intervention in psychology, mindfulness has been shown to enhance the coping strategies for people living with chronic pain, depression, anxiety and ADHD.

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