The human journey is both complex and wonderful!  Each of us is on a path to realize our “best Self”; the Self you were intended to become.  That path, however, is sometimes impeded by old wounds, unfinished business, a sense of feeling “stuck” and/ or a lack of clarity about how to proceed.  We can assist you.            

Restorative Conversations is a place where you can safely explore your own journey to become a full person.  In the context of a confidential therapeutic relationship we will use these tools to assist you: 

  • a full assessment to better understand your concerns        
  • collaborate with you on an individualized treatment plan        
  • use of evidence-based practice to facilitate and support you in reaching your goals       
  •  if indicated, collaboration with your family physician, your school, or other agency (with your written and informed consent)              

Restorative Conversations  will work with you at your pace to realize the goals that will assist you in gaining clarity on the road ahead!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
— Confucius