At times, living well with ADHD can feel like climbing a mountain without a clearly marked map!  The obstacles emerging from difficulties with focus and attention, impulsivity, and challenges with organizing, can make navigation stressful if not exhausting. 

Our 9 week adult skills group, LIFE IN THE FAST BRAIN, is an opportunity to explore, practice and integrate skills related to enhancing your focus and attention; discovering new ways to more effectively manage your time and inner resources; and charting new ways to strengthen your relationships.

Each session is specifically designed to combine teaching, small group discussion and practice exercises.   As a skill based program, we will ask you to practice these new skills between group sessions. 

In a small group setting, our Facilitators serve as your guides on the journey.  Over the course of the 9 weeks we will begin at Base Camp and strategically move forward till we reach the Summit by week 10. We commit to supporting you as you work towards living well with ADHD.  We will share the latest, evidenced based information about ADHD, and offer strategies for improving coping, tips for enhancing success, and even some tricks for reducing the negative impact of ADHD on your daily life.

You do not need to have an ADHD diagnosis to participate in this group. Once your application is received we will meet with you individually so we can better understand how to assist you in achieving your specific goals.

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                      Services may be covered under your extended health care plan.  Receipts will be issued.


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